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Rebel Times

Numer 139 / Kwiecień 2019

Kategoria planszowa gra roku
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Gry figurkowe i bitewne :: Alien vs Predator

AvP Alien Queen UniCast

Wydanie angielskie

Cena: 125.95 109.95 zł

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Leading an entire hive of xenomorphs, the Queen is the focus for which all of the other castes revolve. She has a superior intellect and her size is vastly larger than the standard Warriors, with a smaller pair of extra arms protruding from her chest and a larger head crest fanning from the back of her skull.


While more than capable of taking on almost any foe in close combat, the Queen tends to leave that to the lesser xenomorphs. Instead, she will most often be found at the heart of the hive, attached to a massive sac, laying the vast clutches of eggs containing the Facehuggers, the small aliens that propagate the species. Unable to move, the Queen must rely primarily on her royal guards for protection should she be attacked, however, the egg sac can be painfully detached should she need to escape or be forced to engage her foes directly.


Queens have massively thick, crown-like head plates that they can withdraw their faces into for protection. This large carapace makes her appear ungainly and off balance, as it is disproportional to the rest of her body. This is an illusion though, as she can move with great agility, and one theory is that the extremely long, barbed tail helps to offset this. She also has double-jointed hind legs, allowing for bursts of speed something that large should not be capable of.


With thickened armor body plates and a size easily twice that of a regular Warrior, the Queen can withstand most small-arms fire as well as possessing the fortitude to withstand being engulfed in fire for short periods of time. Her strength is also magnified and can easily shear a synthetic in half with her massive claws. Even a fully Blooded yautja is more than likely to perish if he tries to go face to face with a Queen.

Podstawowe informacje

Wydawca: Prodos Games
Wydanie: angielskie

Zawartość pudełka:

  • 1 plastikowa figurka do samodzielnego pomalowania
  • podstawka
  • karta

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Cena: 125.95 109.95 zł
Produkt niedostępny produkt niedostępny 


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